Hudson Yards By Bond No. 9 New York


Today I am so excited to share with all of you that Bond No.9 has launched a new fragrance Hudson Yards and SHOCKER I’m in love! I have been in love with Bond No. 9 for what seems like a life time and I swear every time they come out with a new scent I fall even deeper in love with them.


When people ask why I am so in love, or why is it so special I have such a hard time trying to find that perfect description that would do this company justice. But I am going to try and share with all of you why real quick. There is nothing on this planet like Bond No.9, their scents are completely one of a kind. Each scent evokes and attitude or mind set that is unique to New York and each has a story. You can wear them alone and fablouos just like it is or create your very own custom blend that is uniquely you. Now tell me how could you not be in love with something like that!!!!


Anyways back off that tangent and back to the news addition to the Bond No.9 family. This new line was based off the many train yards that are nestled in the bustling city of New York and in true Bond No. 9 signature it evokes the essence and attitude of the location. Perftect for spring, Hudson Yards contains a symphony of notes that are both fruity and floral. Some of my favorites notes are Wet petals of Lilly of the Valley, Peony Buds, Vibrant Lychee,  and Orange Flower Absolute in essence spring perfection in a bottle.  And as if you weren’t sure that this bottle embodies the spirit of spring take one look at the vibrant green bottle and warm golden Bond No.9 logo and it instantly warms off any of that left over snow lingering in your thoughts. Not only can you get Hudson Yards as a perfume, but it is also come in their amazing body Body Silk, Liquid Body Silk (which we all know smell just as amazing as the perfume!) Or if your the type that brings the scent of your favorite Bond No.9 into your home I am excited to share that they have made Hudson Yards into a Candle! If you know me then you understand just how excited this makes me.


If you enjoy making your own blends with Bond No.9 I really enjoyed paring this with Scent of Peace, Maddison Square Park and High Line. I am sure I will experiment with more but as of now that is what I have tried it with. Happy Blending!

xoxo Jess

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