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Spring is in the Air

Since this week was the official beginning of spring I decided to take some time an enjoy the beautiful weather that we had here is South Florida. I know its practically summer here all year round but on the few days we get here where there is a cool breeze and the humidity is low we like to take full advantage of it.  This weekend I really enjoyed getting out and spending some time with my family as well as finding some spring inspiration for decor.




I thought these Easter/Spring inspired dinner wear was so fun and interesting way to welcome the new season, leave it to William Sonoma to make an egg look cute! Also how divine and yummy looking do these pastel chocolate eggs look!!! It took all that I had not to buy the whole basket.

Fair Day

Saturday I was so excited to be going to the Fair with my family! I honestly can’t even tell you all the last time I had been but I have the best memories of going every year as a kid. Though it was so much different then from what I remembered it was fun to indulge in some nostalgic fair food and seeing all the different kinds of animals oh and did I mention food! ( I am sure this weeks workouts will be kicked into over drive to make up for all of this! I mean hello look at those fries!)


Sunday was much more relaxing thankfully and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky which was perfect for a day outside. As I am sure some of you know by now I really enjoy plants, flowers and anything that makes me smile that is found in nature. I just find it so remarkable that our earth can make such breath taking beauties for us to enjoy. Anyways, my mom has been redoing her garden for the spring so I took a ride with her to a nursery near the house to scope out some new additions and fell so in love. I loved all the different fountains and all the rooms like looked like secret gardens I had to take some pictures because it was just too beautiful.






Hope you all enjoyed some of the snapshots into my welcoming of spring weekend and that you all got to take some time to enjoy the beautiful weather!

xoxo Jess

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