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Olay Fresh Effects

Hi everyone!!!! I hope you all are doing well, I am in cram mode at the moment (cue the panic!!) Yes it is that wonderful time of year where finals run my life and I become a hermit!! However I do like to take a moment regroup, step away from my computer and pamper myself and lately  I have been using my Olay Fresh Effects products to do that. I was first introduced to the line almost a year ago thanks to Influenster and since then I have been hooked. From their BB Creams, face wipes and moisturizers I use it all!

My most recent discoveries have been the new Out of This Swirl Face Cleanser which is this wonderfully creamy and refreshing face cleanser. I love that even though it contains little exfoliating beads to get all of that dead skin off and purify my skin it isn’t too harsh like some exfoliators can be.  They have three awesome scent but this one is the White Grapefruit and Green Tea which  I have to say makes my skin actually look like I am refreshed and have slept!


Also I should add that I have been blessed (or cursed) with oily skin..ugh! So finding a moisturizer that gives my skin the moisture that it does need but not make it look like I slathered my face with baby oil is really a challenge. Many of you may have seen their new Dew Over Gel Moisturizer which I cant even say enough wonderful things about. First I love that I don’t need a lot of it to hydrate my skin and it absorbs almost instantly, which is great for me since I don’t have a lot of time to primp. I mean lets be honest waiting around for your moisturizer to sink is boring and there a plenty of things we need to get done in our days! Also the invigorating scent of Honeysuckle and White tea doesn’t hurt either!

After a long day with my tired eyes I just want to relax and take some time to decompress after a day filled with school work. These recent finds of mine are their Everything Off facial wipes. They take off all the make up, dirt and gunk that has accumulated on my face during the day and really does just take it all off! Even if I am not wearing any makeup on a particular day, I will just use these to give my face a little refresher and a nice pick me up. I like to throw them in my bag if I know I am going to be out a while since they are relatively small and are resealable which means no spilling!


Hope you all enjoyed, I unfortunately  have to get back to studying (woo hoo!)  Talk to you all soon!!!

xoxo Jess

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