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Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo


Hi everyone! So I rarely dedicate an entire post to just one product, its usually a haul or a product line but this new dry shampoo of mine deserves it. Now I have been using dry shampoo for several years and its mostly because I have fine hair and it gets oily after just one day so instead of over washing it I use dry shampoo to give my hair the pep it needs. I have several favorites or go to picks but on a recent trip to restock I was overcome with the panic that ensues when you go to the drugstore and the product you are looking for is completely sold out (we all know we have experienced it)! So there I was walking up and down the isle trying to find something that could at least get me through the week and took this chance to try something new. I didn’t even know that Herbal Essence had a line of dry shampoos so being the intrigued person that I am I decided to give this one a try form their new Naked Volume Line.

Now I have to share that I have only used this one twice but even after one use I knew I had to share it with all of you! What I first loved about this is that unlike most dry shampoos this one is completely clear! Yep you read that correctly, instead of having to make sure you rubbed in all the white powder from your dry shampoo this one is completely transparent (which is great for me because I always end up missing a spot and look like a leopard). Next thing I noticed was the scent, I am used to heavy perfumed dry shampoos but this was completely refreshing, this has a wonderful grapefruit and mint scent! Lastely but certainly not least is that this dry shampoo formula is completely paraben free and doesn’t contain harmful dyes, who doesn’t love when a company looks out for our hair! I am so glad that my regular Dry Shampoo was sold out that day because I never would have stumbled upon this awesome one! Hope you all get a chance to try this or just get inspired to try a new product then your usual go to, you may be surprised by your finds like I was!

xoxo Jess

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