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Black Friday Finds


Hi everyone!!!!!! Hope are you all doing? I know that I am first of all still recovering from Thanksgiving and the eating feast that it was and the leftovers I have been enjoying. Secondly I am recovering from all of my Black Friday marathon of shopping! Like many of my beauty obsessed out there I think of the biggest things I look forward to on Black Friday is the deals from Sephora! I know you would think that we get our fill of Sephora during the VIB sale but NOPE! This year I think they really stepped up their $10 deals and jumped on it faster then I would care to admit hahah. I won’t go into too much detail about them yet because to be honest other then a few of the masks I haven’t really tried any of these products yet! I am already enjoying taking them all for a spin and I will report back with anything that I feel as though I can not live without! (which I am sure will be all of it!) Happy Shopping my loves!!!


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